DGHD’s Radio Show on KUZU.FM

Last month I got to do DGHD’s first ever radio show during Candy’s Sour Hour on KUZU.fm. I’ve wanted to do some type of long-form variety show for years, so it was great to finally have an excuse to put one together. The full show consists of some of my favorite underground hits, with a sprinkling of weird bullshit the Leche multi-verse helped me create. I didn’t have a good way to release it at first, so I held off for a while, but now that DGHD’s new site is up and rocking I figured this’d be the perfect spot.

You can stream the whole radio show below, or download it to play on your very own Home Entertainment System / Apple iPod. Please enjoy responsibly.

DGHD – Audio Calibration
DGHD – Welcome
DGHD – Introduction II
Bill Dickens – Speed Funk
DGHD – Rules & Regulations
P-Model – Maturing Box
長谷川白紙 – 砂漠で
The Siddeleys – Are You Still Evil When You’re Sleeping?
DGHD – David Byrne
Bread Pitt – Yoo doo?
The Koel Family – Beautiful Homes
DGHD – Greyson, Mason & Associates
Uh Oh – Metropolis II
Monitor – Pet Wedding
DGHD – Lonely Cop Hotline
Teddy Pendergrass – Let Me Love You
Mansur Brown – Back South
DGHD – Papa John The Prank
Re-work – Not Quite Like Any Other
DGHD – Celebrity Endorsements
DGHD – Checkin In
DGHD – News
Elli et Jacno – Main Dans La Main
DGHD – Please Turn Yourself In
Dust-e-1 – C-Thru
DGHD – Endless Possibilities
Thick Pigeon – Subway
Modal Zork – Why_Wait?
B.E.E.F. 39X – Pat’s Baby
Alex Wiley Coyote – End Credits
Trashdog – Spider with Dementia
DGHD – Thank You For Consuming



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      Buddy, if this hasn’t already enlarged your penis I don’t know what will.

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